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Saws are made of steel and are used for cutting various materials. The cut is made by placing the side of teeth on the material and using back and forth movement to make that desired cut. This is one the most important tools used by woodworkers, engineers, and fabricators. They have really been improved over the years to help the user make more accurate cuts in less time.

Saws can be powered by hand, electricity, compressed air or even fuel. There are different types of saws available but we will talk about only 5 most popularly used types.

Basic Hand Saw

Undoubtedly one of the most used hand saw in India. It is very common for any project that requires cutting wood. It is made up of 2 materials, the handle is made of wood and the blade is steel. The invention of this tool has changed the face of humans. It is usually a part of every woodworker.

Hand saws are mainly used to make rough cuts and bring materials to an approximate size. Saws with 7-6 PPI (points per inch or teeth per inch) makes it easy to cut. These saws are designed to cut wood fibers at ease.

Hack Saw

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Hacksaw is slightly different from a traditional hand saw and has a fine-toothed blade tensioned in a C-frame. This is mainly used to cut metals and plastic. Normally there are 2 holes on each side of the main frame where you have to attach an appropriate blade. Most important benefit of a hack saw is that the blade can be easily changed when the teeth become blunt. Learn how to use a hack saw here.

Hack saws are mainly designed to cut through metal and plastic. The design makes it easier to cut different materials using less manual labour. In India, this tool is widely used while cutting metal pipes and PVC pipes. One of the most important tools carried by a plumber in his toolbox.

Popular Hack Saws on Tooldunia.com

  1. Stanley Mini Hacksaw 10″
  2. Ajay Hack Saw (12 inch Blade)

  3. Stanley Hack Saw 12inch
  4. JCB 12inch (300mm) Professional Hacksaw

Circular saw

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Circular saw is mainly made up of plastic and rubber casing this tool is mighty than it looks. One of the most used power tools today a circular saw can speed up your woodworking projects. Carpenters and woodworkers just love this tool. The circular saw is a much quicker alternative to a hand saw and it is more portable than a table saw. In today’s time, it is impossible to imagine a woodworking project without using a power saw or circular saw. 

Circular saws are mainly used to make straight cuts, unlike Jigsaws that are used to cut wood in more custom shapes. Just mark the wood where you need the cut using layout and measuring tools, and gently use this tool to make the cut. There are different attachments (abrasives) you can use with this, that can help you cut concrete too.


jig saw photo

Jigsaw is one of the most interesting saw just like how interesting is to story of its invention. Circular saw makes it easy to cut in straight lines on the other hand jigsaw is designed to make custom cuts. The brilliant tool allows the user to just cut the wood like a “butter with a knife”.

It is difficult to make a straight cut with this tool. The blade of this power tool moves much quicker making it easy to make those curves. An amazing tool on a very creative woodworker’s workbench.


chainsaw photo

All the above tools are great when it comes to cutting materials like plywood, metal, and plastic but when you want to cut down a whole tree you might want to use a Chainsaw. These are probably one of the most dangerous power tools in the market and must be used with a lot of care and under an expert observations only. A very powerful motor is connected to a chain that has the teeth to cut wood. Chainsaws can run on electricity or even petrol, you should choose according to the availability of an electric plug, and power requirements.

Chainsaws are designed to cut through some of the very hard trunks of the trees. They can also be used for cutting the branches first before the final blow.


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