desh ka nirmata tribute to the working class of India.

An inspirational tribute to the courageous working class of India. #DeshKaNirmata

Building our nation, one dream at a time.

Video Transcript:

शर्षटी कि रचना
” रब ” ने कि है

( पर ) – धरती पर

कौशल – कारीगर
मज़दूर – नौ जवान
भारत का – हर किसान

अपनी , मेहनत से
औज़ारों – से
हिम्मत कि – बौछारों से
कर रहा है – पूरी लगन से
भारत का – निर्माण

घर हो या , खेल का मैदान
सड़कें , हसपताल
छोटी , बड़ी -.इमारतें
या हो – शोपिंग माल

हर , नौजवान – हर कारीगर
है देश का – निर्माता
ओर , भाग्य- विधाता

Written and narated by Rajinder Malhotra राहिल

We at were meeting a lot of skilled and unskilled workers, small business man, MSME players and some handy man. We looked at their hard work and realized HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR COUNTRY. Every thing that we see around us is made by some one. Every road we walk on, every bridge that we drive on and also every house that we live in is made by them. Yet they never get to cut the Ribbon ( while inauguration ).

It is estimated that India’s economy will create 500M jobs in the next decade – 75% of which will be skills based. Today, workers with vocational education only comprise 2-4% of the trained workforce; this large gap between existing supply and projected demand will pose a large challenge in the coming years.

To pursue the targets of Make in India, the government has identified various sectors which are to be focused, including automobiles and auto components, food processing, leather and textiles among others.

Their contribution is huge so, we at decided to pay a small tribute to the work force of our nation #DeshKaNirmata, and thank them for the 70 years of developing our free India, and inspire our youth to take up the up coming challenges with a smile.

Our Motive #DeshKaNirmata

Desh Ka Nirmata means “Creator of our country” In this video, we have tried to show the hard-work and sacrifice of courageous Indias who have actively contributed to our development. This an attempt to inspire more young Indians to take up skill training and be a part of our development movement. Any sector, any skill is an important asset to our nation.

There is an immediate need to change the current scenario at a rapid speed since more than 94% of the working population in India belongs to the unorganized sector. Each year, around 13 million new workers are being added to the labor force of the nation. Around 8 million new jobs are being added to the Indian economy. Most of these are in the unorganized sector, where payment is low.

At present, there are around 31 million people working the construction sector, which accounts for around 6 to 8% of Indian GDP. In 2012 alone, India had about 487 million workers. By 2022, over 700 million people in India will be of employable age. Over 500 million of these will need some skill development training or vocational training.

In India, the foundation of the country rests on its working class. An efficient labor pool can properly utilize the natural resources of India, which are scarce. The country needs smart, hardworking, dedicated and devoted workforce for her progress.

To be prepared for future skilled job growth, India must improve the skills of the existing and future workforce by increasing the capacity of skills training providers while simultaneously making programs more employer-driven to ensure higher quality, more appropriate training at scale. Please check Skill India initiative.

A tribute to some of the important sectors of our country.


Farmers in India - tooldunia - proud to be an indian -

India ranked in the world’s five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items. It is because of the sheer hard work of such farmers.

Construction Workers.

Construction workers india - tooldunia - workrking women

Migrant skilled and unskilled laborers of India constitute about 40 to 85 percent of low wage working for the population in many parts of the Middle East.

Traders / Business man, Women.

Traders and business man in india are developing India. -

This sector has gone through rapid growth over the years and the number of units has increased tremendously nationwide. They provide huge employment.

MSME Sector.

Around 59 % of employees working in micro medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) are skilled, 21% are on job training and 20% are unskilled, stated a collaborative research report by PHD Chamber and Avian Media.

Artisans / Handicraft Sector.

Artisans, handicraft India - - helps in developing india

Handicrafts play very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. Handicrafts are a substantial medium to preserve of rich traditional art, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talents which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history.

Working Professionals / Service Sector.

Working class in India is helping in growing IT, BPO, and more service industry. -

The services sector is not only the dominant sector in India’s GDP, but has also attracted significant foreign investment flows, contributed significantly to exports.

The Message

We feel that this story about the huge sacrifice and hard-work of our working class should be told to inspire more such courageous individuals. Our country would have not been soo great with out their help.

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We hope you will like it and share the message with your friends and fellow Indians every one needs to know the struggle, sacrifice these people make so we can sleep in time and have FOOD, CLOTHING, and SHELTER. Thank you for reading any comments or feedback please email us at

Happy Independence Day India.

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