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Hammer drills are widely used in construction and various industries. These powerful machines are nothing but normally an electric drill with a punching function. It looks very much like any power drill and is often mistaken for the same. They not only spin the drill bit but also punch it in and out along the axis of the bit , to drive the bit further deep into the object. The distance traveled by this punch force is very less but hammering action is very rapid—thousands of “BPM” (blows per minute) or “IPM” (impacts per minute). This is the reason why drills with hammer action are faster than regular drills and are normally used for drilling in concrete walls or wood.

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Types of Hammer drills

1. Cam-action.

Percussion hammering mechanism, it has got two sets of tooth gears which interact with each other to hammer along with rotating the drill bit. In this type both the chuck and bit move front and back on the axis of rotation, the motion is tied to the rotation of the chuck. In this type, the user has the option to use or not use the hammer action.

They are normally small in size and battery powered and are mostly used for masonry work or concrete drilling.

2. Electro-pneumatic.

Also called as rotary hammers, they are more advanced power units, larger in size and also give bigger impact force.In this, the piston and hammer are not connected but the air in the EP(electro-pneumatic) chamber allows for a much more efficient transfer of hammering energy compared to cam-action. A Major benefit of this is that you can use the hammering and rotation functions separately by selecting the mode. These are mostly used in construction drilling.

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Top Brands.

  1. Feinis agerman company.
  2. Bosch hammer drills.
  3. Milwaukee electric drills.
  4. Dewalt.
  5. Black & Decker.
  6. Hitachi.
  7. Makita, are currently top selling brands for hammer drills.

Top models.

  1. Black & Decker kr-554-re.
  2. Black & Decker BDEL503K
  3. Bosch GBH 2-26RE on
  4. Dewalt DCD785L2
  5. Fein 2-Speed Cordless ASB 14 C

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Safety Precautions.

While using a Hammer drills following safety precautions are must and needed to be taken care of.

  1. Always read the User’s manual before 1st time using the machine.
  2. Never hold the drill machine by its cord or wire.
  3. Use proper safety eye protection , gloves and shoes during operating.
  4. Always keep it clean and in a proper place after use.
  5. Never keep the cord socket open and near electricity or water or any
  6. Flammable substance and fire.
  7. Remove its drills & other tools when not in use.
  8. Last but not the least and most important is to keep out of reach of small children

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