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Cordless Screwdriver India : 10 Tips on buying it online.

Cordless Screwdriver? What is that? tool buy power tools online in indiaWe need tools to build, repair and maintain our house, office or factory. One such tool that can help you do this and save time and effort is a Cordless Screwdriver or Screw Gun.

It is your traditional screwdriver with power added to it. It can perform different types of household jobs like tightening up the screws of your drawer knobs to different professional uses.

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Online buying guide. ( India )

When you start your hunt to buy a suitable electric screw gun for yourself there are few things to consider.

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1. size

Cordless screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes. Some are small that fits easily in your bag or even pocket. But these are used especially for small projects like home use and small DIY projects. The larger ones are used in the more professional set up for heavy use like carpenters or in other industrial uses.

2. Grip

Different grips come with different advantages. Grips made of rubber are very comfortable and reduces stress and fatigue. Most important reason to have rubber on the grip is that it can also take a lot of shocks.

3. Batteries

Electric cordless screwdrivers can be used without a power source nearby. This is what makes it a popular choice. So when you are away from your power source you have to be sure your screwdriver is fully charged and hence you have to look into the capacity and life of the battery. It’s important to see how many hours will it work on a full charge.

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4. Voltage

Like there are different sizes there are screwdrivers with different power voltage. A less powerful device of around 3.8 volts would be fine for small home purpose or light woodwork, but you might need more power to complete heavy duty work on other materials. Typically a 12 – 14 volts should do a good job.

5. Variable Speed

Typically higher the voltage faster is your cordless screwdriver, so make sure you go for a screwdriver that is ideal for your type of work. But there are many models where you can adjust the speed. This can add more control and comfort in completing a job. Also, not all types of work need the same speed.

6. Integrated Light

There are many times when you will have to work in a dark environment. Early mornings, late evenings or in the nights. Its an additional advantage if your cordless screwdriver has integrated LED light build right into it.

7. Spindle lock

Not all jobs are same, sometimes you might need to switch to manual mode to get things done. This is called spindle lock, which allows you to switch your electric screwdriver between a powered and manual screwdriver.

8. Reverse action.

Having reverse action built in is a great advantage it effortlessly allows you to remove the screws as easy as it allows you to put them in. It is simple ” It makes things easier”

9. Torque

The force at which it rotates the screw is called torque. Just like any power tool you should always check the torque, less torque is ok for your daily small jobs, home improvement, buy you need more torque to screw on heavy materials like specially metal jobs.

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10. Warranty/ tool buy power tools online in india

Always buy from a trusted online stores. Always check for warranties and guarantees from the seller on the online store. As any other mass produced products on earth this can also face defects. Buying from a trusted online store can help you to be sure that your product is replaced or serviced at right time.


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Online market in India is filled with various types and styles of Cordless screwdrivers. In this online market, you need to be sure what kind of products suits you the best. It can be very confusing at times.

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