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Angle grinders are an important part of construction tools and metal-working tools. They are used mostly for grinding cutting and polishing. The tool is handheld power tools and can also be called as a side, or disc sander or angle channel cutter. This can be one of the most versatile power tools in any one’s toolkit. If you working with metal then it becomes very important to have this power tool with all metal cutting angle grinder attachments.

Especially when you want to cut a metal object and if you have patience you can use a hacksaw to cut through metal. But if you want to save time use a powerful angle grinder. They can be powered by electricity, by petrol also by compressed air.

The angle grinder was invented in 1954 by German company Ackermann + Schmitt.

Angle grinders are extensively used in construction and metal-working.


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1. Electric.

These are the most common type of angle grinders in the market. It is the most popular choice of the consumers that’s why you can see a lot of angle grinder manufacturers have soo many models in this type. There is an electric motor that spins the disc. Manin parts in this power tool are a power cord, normally a plastic body. There is an electric motor that spins the disc. They are also available in different power options, different types of work need different power. Some of the models even have an extra handle for extra support in cutting.

2. Battery powered.

Just like electric, these power tools don’t have a power cord rather they are equipped with a battery that needs to be charged. Cordless angle grinders are a great choice if you work more outdoors. They provide a lot of convenience and portability towards any kind of job. Construction workers are seen using this on sites for it is easy to use.

3. Compressed air powered / pneumatic.

Tools that work on compressed air power form a part of pneumatic tools. Just like all types you can change the abrasive of this tool too. One of the main reasons to choose a pneumatic angle grinder is that it can provide huge power to any kind of job. It can spin the disc at higher rates also making the life of that abrasive less but provide tremendous speeds in cutting.

4. Petrol powered.

A petrol powered angle grinder is used when there is a need for cordless functionality. Extra care is necessary while handling such tools to check there is no leakage of fuel. These type of tools are generally bigger in size and mainly used in industries. It is important to check if you have enough fuel for the desired job.

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Here is a small video explaining different types of discs attachments for an angle grinder. Video by
As mentioned above angle grinders can be powered by electricity, fuel, and compressed air. But there are a lot of different types of discs that attach to an angle grinder and every disc has a different purpose.

Angle grinder accessories are mainly called as cutting discs and abrasives, they are basically disc like attachments that get easily connected to the grinder. Each and every attachment has a specific and different purpose for cutting a variety of materials – from metal alloys (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), to wood, stone, concrete and other materials.

Hence they were invented and introduced since it was not easy to cut all types of material with a single type of disc. Cutting discs on angle grinders allowed great mobility, ease of use and availability.


Uses of angle grinders.

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For a complete understanding on using discs on wood you can read this article.


In metal working,  angle grinders are usually used for cutting extra pieces of the material. However, there are different types of abrasives that also make this tool into a metal sander for that extra smooth finish. Even rough remains after welding can be made smooth with this tool.

More Important Sectors:-

1) Engineering industries
2) Construction sector
3) Automobile tools.
and many more.

Operational tips.

Operational manual.Please read the manual that comes with the angle grinder. Follow all the steps to assemble the power tool. Take note of important technical aspects such as electricity flow, angle of the handle etc.

Protect yourself.

Any power tool can be very dangerous for the worker who is operating it if not taken proper care. Even if you have used the tool for hundred times there is a chance of you getting hurt. While using angle grinders there is a chance that the debris will fly off in the air and cause harm to the person using it. Be prepared for any kind of use. You need to wear industrial safety products like a proper mask or eye gear with gloves before using the tool.

Prepare the work area.

Always check if there are no unwanted things in your way, keep unnecessary objects away from your work area. If you are using a corded angle grinder you might want to check that you don’t trip on it. Keep on-lookers at safe distance. Also if you are working indoors please check if there is proper ventilation because cutting or sanding can create a lot of heat due to friction.

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Mark cutline.

To make things easy it is good if you mark a spot or a line where you would like to make that final cut. If you are using an angle grinder for construction work like on a concrete, you can make a small slit with hammer and chisel before using the power tool. Ensure your blade is well placed before you continue with the job.

Check the grip.

Before switching on the button on angle grinder you should check your grip, normally there are 2 grips on an angle grinder so you have to check how is it used. They are sometimes very heavy so you will have to test it before using it because the angle grinder might feel heavier when you will feel the vibrations. Also, you will have to apply slight pressure while you make that cut. Be very sure and use the grinder correctly.

Angle Grinder Buying Guide.

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Things to consider before buying angle grinders in India.

Disc Size

The most popular choice is 4.5 inches or 9 inches when it comes to the disc size of angle grinders. Normally if the size if the disc is bigger then the power of the motor is also more. Sometimes you may need a pneumatic angle grinder to make that precise cut since it has smaller and faster cutting disc.

Motor Power

Angle grinders come in different shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s need. You may have an option to choose between 110 and 230 volts AC (Voltage), 500 to 2500 watts and you will also have to check the amp ratings which normally range from 4 to 15, these numbers are directly related to the power of the angle grinders for any job.

Voltage, wattage and amp ratings can vary in angle grinders. With regard to current, tool buyers have a choice between 110 and 230 volts AC, and amongst wattage ranges from 500 to 2,500 watts. Another consideration is the unit’s amp rating; ranging from 4 to 15, these numbers directly correlate to the power of the motor. Although a lower rating is sufficient for household tasks, heavy-duty professional projects call for an angle grinder with more amps.

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Speed Ratings

The power contained in a hand-held angle grinder is incredible. During operation, the unit’s disc makes anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 revolutions per minute. While this means the hard-working power tool optimally performs any number of grinding, sanding, or cutting tasks, it also translates into a high risk of injury if the powerful grinder is not handled properly.


Two things that directly affect the comfort of using a tool are its size and weight. With angle grinders, the two go hand in hand. Unless a buyer intends to use the power tool for large construction or industrial jobs, perhaps a smaller unit would be more comfortable. Not only are more compact units easier to hold for long periods of time, but angle grinders with anti-vibration handles take operational comfort even further.

Wheels and Accessories

Angle grinders are remarkably versatile tools. Not only can their discs be interchanged, but users can install different wheels and accessories, as desired. With the wide variety of wheel and brush attachment styles available, the handyman should read packaging and usage guides to ensure purchasing the right tool for their job.

Top Brands.

1) Bosch grinders.
2) Dca grinders.
3) Dewalt grinders.
4) Hitachi grinders.
5) Makita grinders.
6) Maktec grinders.
7) Aeg grinders.
8) Cumi metabo grinders.
And much more…

Top Picks.

1) Hitachi G10SS grinder.
2) Bosch GWS 750-100 angle grinder
3) Makita 9553nb metal polisher
4) Cheston CHAG-100

Safety Precautions:-

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While using an angle grinder following safety precautions are must and needed to be taken care of
1)Always read the User’s manual before 1st time using the machine.
2)Never hold the machine by its cord or wire.
3)Use proper safety eye protection, gloves, and industrial safety shoes during operating.
4)Always keep it clean and in a proper place after use.
5)Never keep the cord socket open and near electricity or water or any flammable substance and fire.
6)Remove its abrasives, grinding and polishing wheels when not in use.
7)Last but not the least and most important is to keep out of reach of small children.

Check out why guard is important.

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