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If you are looking for any information related to air blowers you are at the right place. Here we will try to give an in-depth knowledge about the different types, uses, tips, models and where can you buy the best air blowers in India guide.

An Air blower is a simple power tool that requires mainly used in home/ garden for clearing off sidewalks, decks, garage floors and even in factories. Nowadays it is also used to clean household appliances like air conditioner, computers that carry a lot of dust from surroundings. Made out of plastic and are able to provide a large amount of air, many times they will include a handle that allows you to extend it so it can be pulled behind and placed on the rollers.

The Air blower also called as leaf blower was invented in and around 1950’s by Don Quinto. This power tool became an instant hit in American markets. People started using it more and more in agricultural and gardening activities. Soon manufacturers saw a huge market and started perfecting it. Today these air blowers are used in Industries to help in cleaning too.


There are 3 main types corded, battery powered and fuel powered.

  1. Corded electric.

Corded electric air blowers have to be plugged in the electric socket all the time when it is in use. This can make the reach limited to the size of the cord.

  2. Battery powered.

Just like corded blowers, they work on electricity but instead of keeping it plugged in they have a battery that you can charge. Battery powered air blowers are very portable and can be used in places where there is no switch nearby.

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  3. Fuel powered.

If you are far from electricity like in a farm, you can use a fuel-powered air blower. Here the power tool derives energy from the fuel in the tank. Many gardening tools have the fuel powered option. This further increases the portability.

Uses / Application.

These power tools are mainly used in farm and construction

  • Remove and gather leaves,
  • Remove grass clippings,
  • Dislodge or break up matted grass,
  • Remove dust from computers,
  • Remove dust from air conditioner,
  • Clean parking lots,
  • Clean farm and construction equipment,
  • Clean arenas and amusement parks,
  • Remove light or fluffy snow,
  • Dry off pavement.

Operating tips.

Read and understand the manual carefully before using any type of tool.

  • Children should not use a leaf blower.
  • Pay attention when using a leaf blower. Don’t point an operating blower in the direction of people or pets.
  • Make sure bystanders, including other operators, are at least 50 feet away. Stop blowing if you are approached.
  • Do not use a blower indoors or in poorly ventilated areas.
  • Inspect the blower before and during use to make sure controls, parts and safety devices are not damaged and are working properly.
  • Never modify a blower in a way not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Do not operate while standing on a ladder, rooftop, tree or another unstable surface. Use nozzle attachments to reach high places.
  • Work carefully. You need to be safe, courteous and responsible.

You can check this article for how to use this product.

Safety tips.

Safety is utmost important while handling any kind of power tool especially air blowers. You must not anyhow compromise on the safety of anyone operating this tool.

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1. Follow the manual.

Every air blower comes with a manual. It is very important to follow it thoroughly and use the tool accordingly.

2. Safety gear and protection.

You should safety eye-wear since when the blower is in action the dust in the air can damage your eye. You can use a safety helmet gloves and in some cases like while using any fuel powered blower you can use ear protection too.

Buying tips for Air blowers.

Things to look for before buying an Air blower.

  • Less noise
  • No exhaust
  • No emissions
  • No mess or smell
  • No maintenance
  • Start instantly
  • Weigh less
  • Can be stored inside

Speed, convenience, budget are major points to consider while buying. Fuel powered are very strong and can clean a whole yard quickly however corded blowers also do a great job of cleaning and maintaining everything around.

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By researching online, you can always find high quality and affordable air blower fan manufacturers. Not only will you find websites for the actual manufacturers, you will also locate various e-commerce stores which sell the product, generally stores dedicated to home improvement will be your best choice.It is important to choose that one that will best work for the needs of your company, It will work best if it is a powerful and high-speed fan.

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