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When it comes to choosing best power tool manufacturers in Indiawe have a variety of options. These brands have seen the good and the bad times and have positioned themselves as professional players in this sector. Over the years these brands have created a lot of trust and reputation with their consumers and continue to serve the majority.

Power tools are majorly used to avoid the hard manual labor like drilling, grinding and cutting several materials. They have to be lightweight as well as powerful at the same time. These tools make the job simple in less time.

There are a large number of power tools available in the market – like circular saws, angle grinders, rotary hammers, drills, demolition hammers, sander polishers, etc. However, when you choose to invest in them you need to be careful whether or not the power tool manufacturer has a good presence in the market. You would want to go with the best possible product that stays with you for a longer time and prove you with good after sales service too toolsduniya .

When looking at such products you would want to deal with the best and just make an investment in a product, which will last you for a long time. Power tools are used in a variety of heavy duty projects like construction, factories, and home improvement tools in India. Since these brands provide a variety of features and specifications to suit a particular job or person, we have a list with no particular order.

So you can easily buy power tools online.

List of the best power tool brands in India.


Cheston Power Tools.cheston power tools India

Cheston has become a leading name in the DIY tools industry and regularly update their range of products. They are well known for supplying DIY products to commercial customers and DIY fans.

Many products come with 6 Months Domestic Warranty Limited To Manufacturing Defects Only, Any Breakage Due To Logistics Is Not Included In The Warranty. They stock a whole range of products comparatively at low prices.

Check the prices of Cheston Power Tools avaiable online.

Cheston Drills CHD2-20

Rotary Hammer Drill

Cheston Screwdriver


Cheston Glue gun CH-GG40W

Corded Glue Gun

Cheston Blower CHB-40  

Air Blower

 Cheston Drill Machine CHD-10

Power Drills

Cheston Grinding machine CHAG-100

Metal Polisher

They have a good online presence too. You can check out some of the products on our website too.
Air Blowers have become an important tool that can be used for different reasons, which includes clearing leaves, dust, and dirt. They are portable and can be easily stored.

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Bosch Power Tools.Bosch Power Tools online India

Bosch is easily one of the most popular power tools manufacturers in India. The Bosch group has positioned its self as a leading supplier if global technological service. According to Bosch website, It has around 37500 associated worldwide. And sales estimates roughly 70.6 Billion Euros in 2015. There are 4 main operations of this company

  1. Mobility Solutions
  2. Industrial Technology
  3. Consumer Goods and
  4. Building Technology.

The companies power tools division is also a leader in manufacturing and selling of Measuring tools, Power tools, and power tool accessories. In 2015 Bosch group generated around 4.5 billion euros in the sale. Their core strength lies in the speed of which they innovate. It may soon launch 100 new power tools products.

Check the prices of Bosch Power Tools avaiable online.

 Bosch Drill Kit GSB 500 RE

Power Tool Kits

Bosch Grinder GWS 8-100

Metal Polisher

Bosch Drill Kits GSB 10RE Kit

Hammer Drills Kit

Bosch Drill Machine GSB 10RE

Impact Drill Driver

Bosch Laser Level GLM 50

Precision Level – Laser Levels

Bosch Heat Gun GHG 600-3

1800W Heat Gun

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Hitachi Power Tools.Hitachi Power Tools India

In the Japanese context, “Hi” means “Sun” while “tachi” means “Rise” which is why HITACHI is known as “Sunrise”. Hitachi India Pvt Ltd. is in India since 1930’s. They are expanding their business in India rapidly. With over 85 years of experience in Indian markets and over 10,000 employees in Inda, one can only guess the sheer strength of this power tool manufacturer.

Hitachi India is also engaged in several businesses like

  1. Information and Tele Systems
  2. Digital Solutions
  3. Infra Systems
  4. Industrial Systems
  5. Consumer tools

Though Hitachi’s first product was an electric motor. Hitachi aims to contribute to developing a sustainable society in India as well as contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Hitachi Research & Development Centre in India is an institution consisting of world-class researchers hailing from top Indian universities, as well as prestigious universities overseas. It is an integral part of Hitachi’s global R&D network which has state-of-the-art laboratories at various locations around the world, Japan, U.K., France, Germany, USA, China, Singapore, and Brazil, among others.

Check the prices of Hitachi Power Tools avaiable online.

Hitachi Hammer Drill H41MB Hitachi Corded Planer P20ST Hitachi Electric Blower RB40SA
HITACHI Angle Grinder G10SS Hitachi Grinder WH10DL Hitachi Orbital Sander SV12SG


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Makita Power Tools.Makita Power Tools India

Makita Power Tools India Pvt Ltd. started in 2008 and is owned by Makita Corp Japan. They started as sales and repairs company of electric motors in 1915 and has grown to become world’s top manufacturer of professional power tools (portable).

They also concentrate on a lot of power tools accessories for their customers. Makita has a base of strong authorized dealers in the market and has a superb presence in Online Tool Stores. They have a huge range of products related to woodworking tools to construction tools.

Makita has a strong R&D department capable of innovating and providing customers with the great quality of products on Toolsdunia. They are manufacturing power tools and other equipment at seven overseas factories.

Makita products:

Cordless Tools, Drills, Circular Saws, Jig Saws, Planers, Hammers, Grinders, Sanders, Woodworking machines, Garden Tools, Chain Saws and Outdoor Power Equipment.

Their quality has earned Makita Products the trust of customers worldwide.

Check the prices of Makita Power Tools avaiable online.


Makita Drywall Screw Gun 6827 Makita Air Blower B1100 Makita Impact Driver HP1630
Makita Random Orbital Sander B03710 Makita Pistol Grip Drill DF330DWE Makita Angle Grinder GA5010


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Dewalt + Stanley + Black & Decker Power Tools.

power tools brand in india

DeWalt (trademarked as DᴇWALT) is a subsidiary of Stanley Black &Decker. It is one of the most reputed brands of power tools and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries.

Dewalt was founded by Raymond E. DeWalt, he had invented the radial arm saw. By sudden growth in the company, it got incorporated in 1947 as DeWalt Inc. After few years in 1949, it was bought by American Machine and Foundry Co., who sold it to Black & Decker in 1960.

In 1992, Black & Decker started a major effort to rebrand its professional quality and high-end tools to DeWalt. Currently, DeWalt manufactures and sells more than 200 different power hand-tools and 800 accessories. In 1994, DeWalt took over the German woodworking power tool producer ELU. DeWalt increased their line of tools using ELU’s technology. DeWalt is now a popular brand of tools for commercial contractors.

On March 12, 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker. It remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

Stanley Black & Decker have a great standard and quality when it comes to woodworking and construction tools. One of the leaders in security, especially on airport doors and make hydraulic breakers that rescue trapped earthquake survivors.

Stanley Power Tools.about stanley power tools online in India.

Check the prices of Stanley Power Tools avaiable online.

Stanley Heat Gun STXH2000 Stanley Corded Glue Gun 69-GR20B Stanley Soldering Iron 69-031B


Black & Decker Power Tools.   Black & Decker Power Tools India

Check the prices of Black & Decker Power Tools avaiable online.

Black & Decker Impact Driver 


Black & Decker Heat Gun


Black & Decker Hammer Drill


Black & Decker Ratchet Screwdriver Set. Black & Decker Angle Grinder


Black & Decker Jigsaw Machine Ks600e


Dewalt Power Tools. Dewalt Power Tools India

Check the prices of Dewalt Power Tools avaiable online.

Dewalt Hammer Drill D25011K Dewalt DW263K Drywall Screw Gun Dewalt Grinder DW810
DeWalt 12V Drill Driver DCD700C2

Hammer Drills

 Dewalt Grinder DW801

Angle Grinder – Metal Polisher

Dewalt Drills DWD014

Hammer Drills

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Skil Power Tools.  Skil Power Tools India

Skil power tools are also very popular choice among the India Diy Woodworkers. They have a great Research and development team and have earned a fair amount of reputation. With a strong history, Skill is trying to expand its power tools market in India. In 1924 Skil introduced THE MODEL E saw, which was the first portable circular saw which used a die cast motor and a worm drive. Later on, Skilsaw Model 77 became one the most preferred portable saw and is seen on many construction sites.

Since then, the SKIL product line has expanded to feature more than 100 tools– each based on extensive research and consumer input.

Skil makes tools for woodworking, tools for construction and maintenance.

Check the prices of Skil Power Tools avaiable online.

Skil Cordless Multi Cutter 2900 Skil 6510 JL Hammer Drill Skil Impact 6510 Pistol Grip Drill
Skil 8006 Hot Gun heat gun. Skil 1560 Wood Corded Planer Skil 7335 2 inch Orbital Sander.

Before buying professional Power tools in  India.

These tools are made and designed for various purposes. It is very important to know and understand what options are available in India. The need of every project is different and obviously, the tools used can have a huge different in the success of that project. You can easily do an online research for the projects that you work, participate in India Diy forums to ask questions.

You will get an opportunity to explore the market when searching for tools online, which have features like versatility, durability and the power needed to meet your requirements.

It can get pretty hard to find the finest considering the number of options available.

However, if you make some effort, you certainly will come across some of the optimal products being sold in India. You can find the list of power tool brands available in India and easily compare price and buy them online on Tool Dunia.

I might have skipped a lot of branded power tools if you feel any other brand deserves a mention here please feel free to comment below or contact us at

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