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Rotary hammer drill machine : 6 things to consider before buying one in India.

Drills are widely divided into electric drills and pneumatic drills . They are further available in different types and sizes. The few popular drills are regular drill, hammer drill and impact drill. There is a huge demand for drills in India hence a lot of variable options are available to cater the needs of the user.

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Here we look into the buying tips for hammer drills in India.

1. Type of hammer drills.

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Corded or cordless. Nowadays corded hammer drills are very much popular but they have the limitation of power which corded don’t have. So if you are a DIY’er or household purpose go for cordless and if you are a professional or in construction industry corded needs to be selected.

2. The size of drill bits.

Select depending on the maximum drill bit size which you would need.

3. Functions.

Cam-action or electro-pneumatic depending on your uses.

4. Power requirements.

this would depend on what material you would be drilling most of the times.

5. Price of the hammer drill.

off course this the main point of selection as you can decide from the whole lot of products ranging from 2000/- to 60000/-.
So select according to your budget, but don’t go for cheap local brands and at least buy a branded one.

6. Brand warranty and reliability.

Always choose a branded company product as it will give u product warranty and customer support.


There is a huge variety available, choosing the right one is a very personal choice. You can check out a wide range on hammer drills on www.ToolDunia.com too where you can compare price and buy hammer drills online.

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